Monday, June 4, 2007


It is finally finished!
Branching Out Scarf
I used size 7 addi turbos, Knit Picks Memories sock yarn in Morning Glory (just under one skein, because the recipient is only 5'5") which is 100% Merino wool. It isn't my favorite colorway, nor is it my favorite project to date (that award goes to my clapotis - hands down), but it is my first real lace project (Well, there was that lace washcloth I designed). I am proud that I finished it and that it didn't end up a UFO in my stash.
Branching Out Scarf


Carol said...

Wow! Nice! I think you got the first one done! It's really nice too.

Pixie said...

It looks beautiful. How many repeats did you do/how long is the finished scarf?

skully said...

SO lovely!!! Congrats on the 1st scarf too!

Melissa said...

Is it really the first scarf?!?!?!?! Pixie can attest that I def. thought I'd be last. :)
It is 5'8" long. No idea on the amount of repeats. The recipient is 5'5" tall so I thought it was time to stop! ;)

Que Sarah said...

WOW! It's awesome!! Great job! I've yet to start on mine.. I really need to get cracking on it :-)

vagabond bettie said...

very pretty! I have left mine by the wayside long enough! I'm on my way out to the beach to celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day. I think I'll take that along since I'll be flying solo today and won't need to worry about interruptions!