Wednesday, April 30, 2008


so I gave the finished object to my mom since the blocking really didn't take in the cotton and I knew it wasn't what I wanted but my mom loved it. anyway gave it to her for christmas. A few days later we went out to lunch and I promptly spilled a glass of red wine on it.


She has mad skills though :) the stain is gone

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FO: Branching out #2

Cross-posted from my personal blog.

Now that Stacey has received her package for the Ravelry scarf exchange, I can post the details here. This was my second go at Knitty's branching out pattern. I like this pattern and I find it enjoyable enough but it is impossible for me to memorize (is it just me?), so I had to keep referring to the pattern, during all 40 of the lace pattern repeats. I didn't measure it but it seemed to be a reasonable length after it was blocked (and I blocked this one less sternly but I think it's still lovely). Take a peek at Stacey's blog for a pic of her modeling it. Here's the link to that entry.
Here are the few pictures I have and the deets:
Pattern: Branching Out (see link above)
Needles: size 6 circs (I used my Denise interchangeables for this)
Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK, in red, 2 skeins.
Note: All pictures taken on the rear porch outside because I still can't figure out the flash on my digital camera (yes, I'm a dork).

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Branching Out and I got to talking and the conversation went a little something like this.

Me: "I want you to die."
Scarf: "I will haunt you until the day you die, or you finish and block me, whichever comes first."

Me: "You can't outlive me, I won't stand for it!"
Scarf: "Then you know what you have to do."

And I did. I worked on it alone yesterday and Mondays being knit night, I almost never work on any project exclusively. I bound off in bed watching Scrubs and started blocking it tonight on my brand new blocking boards (and the crowd goes wild!).

There is a Target right next to where the Infinite Knitters meet and thanks to Vagabond Bettie's comment I swung by to look for rubber exercise tiles. Got 16 square feet for $16.

Let the blocking begin!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I started another one for a scarf exchange and have 2 repeats to go until it's done. I'm up to 38. It's in red baby alpaca and looks fantastic.
I'll post pics soon!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Aren't we an active bunch?

I am 75% through but I haven't picked it up in ages. I don't think it's very fun. Someday I will finish though. Maybe I'll work on it next weekend.

Alright, what about you ladies?

Monday, July 16, 2007

halfway through... still

so I picked my branching out up today for the first time since I left San Diego. I must be about halfway through because I just added a second skein of TLC's cotton plus. Mine is curling around that center stitch, for those ladies that finished, did you have that problem? did it block out?

I also had that exact same problem in the beginning not knowing how to do the sl2k1p2sso properly. I sorted it out but didn't go rip it back. I'm glad to know that my scarf has a twin somewhere in the world.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I finally finished this scarf. It took a rather stern blocking to get the lace pattern to open up (and the cast on edge to lose that puckering) but I'm really happy with it. I'm actually considering knitting another one, in a different yarn, because I seem to have made myself a completely useless scarf. I can't wear it. The baby alpaca that is so squishy soft and such a joy to work with makes my neck itch.
So I'll see if there's someone out there who will wear it, or maybe it will find use as a runner on the dining room table or something.
Stuff: Lantern Moon circs, size 6, Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK
Started: Apr 27 (I think), finished June 9, 40 repeats of lace pattern (that is 10 rows each, plus the 5 rows of garter at each end, so -- not that I'm counting or anything -- but this scarf was 410 rows!)

Shockingly, I considered how I might expand the pattern so that it would be large enough for a wrap. Clearly I've lost my mind. I think knitting must be like people tell me childbirth is -- as soon as it's over, and you have the beautiful result, you forget all the unpleasantness. And it wasn't that the pattern was unpleasant, just that it was so tedious.
Still, not bad for my first venture into lace knitting and I didn't have to frog it at all, which is awesome. I did screw up the vertical decrease my first couple of repeats before I figured out I was supposed to slip the two stitches knit-wise at the same time, but it's hardly noticeable and I'm not that OCD a knitter.