Thursday, April 5, 2007

Trial lace knitting

This is my favorite so far. It's in Karaoke. I don't have enough to make a whole scarf, just part of a skein.

Here's the alapaca silk on size 6 needles. It's really tiny, but pretty. It's going to be very delicate. I was thinking of turning it into a little purse. (Ya, Ya, I can hear you all laughing hysterically! Imagine, Cheryl making a purse!) It would be pretty lined with silk and a drawstring!)

The vibrant one has already been frogged. I couldn't even see the pattern in it.


skully said...


Just what I needed to jumpstart my Friday. Do you need some more Karaoke? I can hunt some down for you if you wish!


Que Sarah said...

Wow!! Lookin' good!! I can't believe how much the vibrant yarn distracted from the pattern, who'd thunk!
PS I think that would look just loverly as a silk lined purse!

vagabond bettie said...

I found some more Karaoke when I was sorting through my stash on Saturday. I think I'm going to make one in Karaoke and one in the Alapaca silk.

vagabond bettie said...

I frogged the Alapace Silk and started over on size 8s. It looked great 'til I frogged it!
Will start up again tonight!